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Martina Hansen’s Hospital offers specialized health services in treatment of muscle and skeletal diseases and injuries. We treat all Norwegian patients from all across the country through “free treatment choice”, ask your primary physician/general practitioner(GP) for more information. Our patients benefit from a team of specialised doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, ergotherapists, many of whom are recognised for their research, expertise and experience.

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Our treatment options

Orthopaedic treatment
We have the country’s leading specialists in orthopaedic surgery. They preform surgery on about 4500 patients each year. They are highly experienced and skilled due to their work in specialized sections where mainly preform a large amount of treatment/surgery on a small area(section). At MHH our surgeon’s are divided in 5 sections: “section for hip surgery”, “section for back and children surgery”, “section for knee and shoulder”, “section for foot and rheumatologic surgery” and “section for hand and day surgery”. 

Rheumatologic treatment
We hired the first Rheumatologist in Akershus in the 80's. Since then we have expanded to the second largest rheumatology ward in Norway and the largest hospital in the country at amount of infusions, with approximately 2000 treatments each year. To provide our patients with the best care our specialists are always updated on the latest treatments.

Book an appointment

To book an appointment with our specialists or get an appointment for MR, X-ray or DEXA examination you need to get a referral from your GP. We then assess your health and decide if you have the right to treatment from one of our specialists .

Contact information

Please do not hesitate to to contact us if you would like further information. You can contact us on phone, e-mail or visit our service counter at the hospital during opening hours; Monday to Friday from 09.00 - 16.00.

Phone - from Norway: 06780 / 32 80 30 00
Phone - internationally: +47 32 80 30 00

: postmottak@mhh.no

Dønskiveien 8, 1346 Gjettum
Mailing adress: Postboks 823, 1306 Sandvika